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Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance uses their foundation of a scientific but caring approach to expand in the Delaware region!

At Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, two licensed physical therapists, Pat Williams and Tom Windley, introduced the region to a new level of physical therapy and sports performance enhancement with the opening of their facility in Middletown, Delaware in 2007. The success of the philosophies adopted by Williams and Windley has led to expansion into other communities in an effort to help more patients and athletes. In 2011 that expansion came in the Dover community with the addition of a new partner and Physical Therapist, Wayne Woodzell. It wasn't long again, before, in 2012, the group was fortunate to expand to the Smyrna region with the addition of another partner and Physical Therapist, Kevin Schultz. In 2014 Premier expanded its sports performance and fitness services to a new facility in Middletown with sports performance partner, Ben McAndrews. In early 2015 the group again expanded its physical therapy services with a new location at the beach in Lewes.

Since its inception in 2007, Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance has been committed to feature highly trained physical therapists with advanced credentials. These highly trained Physical Therapists utilize cutting-edge technology and a scientific approach to diagnoses and treatment, but ultimately they use all those resources to center around caring for the patient or athlete. "Ultimately, it is always about the patient or athlete. That is the foundation of our philosophy," said co-founder Williams. Prior to joining Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance, partners Woodzell and Schultz had been serving the Dover and Smyrna regions for years and partner Ben McAndrews was working for Premier as the head Athletic Trainer at Appoquinimink High School. "It was an easy decision for us to bring Woodzell, Schultz, and McAndrews on as partners with Premier. They have exemplified the excellence in their careers that fit our philosophy, but ultimately they care about their patients and athletes on a level unmatched by most in the field," said co-founder Windley.

All four of Premier's physical therapy locations and the sports performance and fitness location provide individual consultation and custom-developed programs. Each of the facilities uses scientific equipment that assesses everything from speed and strength to balance and range of motion while a patient is performing an activity or exercise. The physical therapists' training and experience enables them to interpret the data skillfully, to produce optimal results for patients and clients. They serve physical therapy patients of all ages and physical levels, and welcome sports performance clients from the serious golfer to the young sports-play enthusiast to the senior athlete.

"As physical therapists, we're trained to understand how the muscles and skeletal system work together most efficiently," said co-founder Pat Williams, who has treated thousands of physical therapy patients in the Middletown area, including many of Middletown's school-age athletes. "So we know how to help athletes improve performance while effectively decreasing their risk of injury," he said. Williams noted that experienced sport coaches and professional athletes are increasingly recognizing physical therapists as partners in the pursuit of improved performance and reduced injury risk.

Williams played a vital role in Middletown's first physical therapy clinic, and has been actively treating patients in the Middletown area for two decades now. He holds a Master of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Delaware, and is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Cinical Specialist. Active in youth soccer and many other volunteer activities, Williams is the founder and director of the annual Peach Festival 5K Run/Walk in Middletown, now an annual tradition for regional athletes. Since its inception, the race has contributed nearly $60,000 to non-profit organizations including Middletown and Appoquinimink High School Sports Boosters.

Co-founder Tom Windley holds a Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Exercise and Sports Science, enabling him to incorporate scientifically validated methods into the practice. Windley helped pioneer the use of sophisticated 3-D image technology to improve golf performance and reduce injury risk, while he was a post-doctoral fellow with the University of Pittsburgh and the coordinator of the Golf Fitness Laboratory operated in Pinehurst, N.C. by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

"Much of the ground-breaking work in our field today is happening at universities," Windley said. "By continued involvement with university research, we can tap the most current thinking to help both our physical therapy patients and our sports performance clients achieve their potential." Windley has worked with golfers on the Canadian Professional Golf Tour, the PGA TOUR's Nationwide Tour and the LPGA Tour.

"It's about creating the right environment to allow the education, background, and experience we have to ultimately be focused on the patients," said partner Wayne Woodzell. Woodzell brings a combination of a business and clinical background. He holds a Master of Business Administration, completed a Sports Physical Therapy Residency, and is a Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist. Prior to joining Premier, Woodzell served the community, patients, and athletes of the Dover region for over a decade. "I feel like with Premier, I am being given the opportunity to focus my credentials and background to care for people the way they should be cared for...by putting them first," said Woodzell.

Partner Kevin Schultz also brings a background in multiple arenas including business and clinical expertise. He holds a Master of Science in Heath Care Administration, a Master in Business Administration, and is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist in Physical Therapy. "It was the focus that Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance has placed on excellence in everything they do that attracted me to join the group," said partner Kevin Schultz. Schultz has been serving the patients of the Dover and Smyrna communities for over a decade now. "I feel like my career has had the opportunity to accelerate to a new level by joining a group that practices with such high standards, but cares so much about their patients and their community," said Schultz.

Williams, Windley, Woodzell, Schultz, and McAndrews have taken their belief in a scientific but caring approach to treatment with top notch Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, and Sports Performance specialists with extended credentials and made it the basis of their philosophy for all of their clinicians. Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance now has a team of seventeen Physical Therapists, two physical therapy assistants, three athletic trainers, and two sports performance specialists. Most of the physical therapists are graduates of University of Delaware's 2nd nationally ranked Physical Therapy program, and each of our PTs have extended credentials or on track to achieve those credentials within the first three years of employment at Premier. "We could not be more blessed to have such a strong group of clinicians who are at the top of their field and care so much about their patients and athletes," said Williams.

Pursuing the desire to be a regional leader in outpatient sport and orthopaedic physical therapy, Premier has launched a residency program for physical therapists to help them become clinical specialists. In 2014, Premier's program successfully became one of 28 credentialed Sports Physical Therapy Residency programs in the country. Currently an Orthopaedic Physical Therapy residency is going through the credentialing process and hopes to be completed in the near future.

A consultation at Premier Physical Therapy and Sports Performance can be obtained within 24 hours, by appointment or on a walk-in basis. Most major health, motor vehicle, and worker's compensation insurances are accepted. In the State of Delaware, you are able to go directly to a physical therapist.

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